Tonight The Sun newspaper posted an article online which said that the television programme The Crystal Maze is returning to television later this year and that David Tennant is being tipped to host a one-off special.

We stress that David's involvement is currently only a rumour.

The 90s show is returning to television after 21 years as part of Channel 4's Stand Up To Cancer series of programmes.

The problem-solving programme in which contestants raced in teams against the clock around themed zones where they competed in tense challenges ran from 1990 to 1995 and will be revived for a big-budget celebrity special on Channel 4 in October.

The Sun says that a full series will follow if it is a ratings success.

The seventh episode of Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital premieres tonight at 9pm on Channel Four.

David Tennant is the narrator of the ten part documentary series which has been on a hiatus for a few weeks.

Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital 'tells the inspirational stories of many children, young people and their families and shows the expertise of the team that care for the young patients at the world-renowned specialist paediatric hospital.

Friday 26th August

Two videos of Bad Samaritan director Dean Devlin expressing his joy about working with David Tennant.

David Tennant Daily Photo.

David Tennant Treat 4 Today.

The Escape Artist has its French language premiere in Canada tonight.

Thursday 25th August

David Tennant to star in the movie Bad Samaritan. It will be shot later this year in and around the greater Portland, Oregon area.

David Tennant Daily Photo.

David Tennant Treat 4 Today.

Bad Samaritan director Dean Devlin has posted on his Facebook page two videos where he talks about his joy of working with David Tennant on the movie Bad Samaritan.

Dean says that he was so excited that he had interrupted his vacation to post the videos!

In the first video he says "I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to work with David Tennant. He's one of my favorite actors on the planet. As some of you may know I'm a huge Doctor Who fan.

The Escape Artist (starring David Tennant) has its French language premiere in Canada tonight on the station Télé-Québec.

The first episode will be broadcast at 9pm with a repeat on Tuesday 30th August at 11pm. The other two episodes will be broadcast at the same time on the following Fridays.

David Tennant starred in the three part drama The Escape Artist on BBC One which was broadcast on three consecutive Tuesdays in the UK from 29th October 2013.

David Tennant will star in the movie Bad Samaritan which will be filmed in the US later this year.

The film centres on two young car valets who use their business as a front to burglarize the houses of their unsuspecting patrons. Life is good for the petty thieves until they target the wrong house, changing their lives forever.

David will star as a thief in the movie which will be produced by Dean Devlin’s Electric Entertainment vompany.

The Fifth Doctor Peter Davison's autobiography will now be published on Thursday 6th October 2016. The book will feature a foreword which is written by Tenth Doctor (and Peter's son-in-law) David Tennant.

Originally the book was scheduled to be published on Thursday 7th April 2016 and to be titled The Fifth(ish) Doctor but it will now be called Is There Life Outside the Box?: An Actor Despairs.

The book will be published by John Blake Books and has the ISBN 9781786061126.

Wednesday 24th August

Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital resumes next Tuesday (30th) at 9pm on Channel 4.

David Tennant Daily Photo.

David Tennant Treat 4 Today.

Doctor Who Comics: Four Doctors book from 2015 is published in softback today.

Tuesday 23rd August

David Tennant Daily Photo.

David Tennant Treat 4 Today.

David Tennant, Marvel's Jessica Jones and Kryten Ritter have all been nominated for Entertainment Weekly's Poppy Awards. The polls are open now for fans to vote for them.

Last year's Four Doctors crossover comic series from Titan is published today as a complete collection in a softback cover. It was previously published in hardback on Tuesday 9th February 2016.

This five part comic was originally launched on Wednesday 12th August 2015 as separate comics ahead of that year's Doctor Who Comics Day on 15th August. 

The softback book contains the story from all of the five comics. The book is available from book stores and direct from Titan.

David Tennant, Marvel's Jessica Jones and Kryten Ritter have all been nominated for Entertainment Weekly's Poppy Awards and the polls are open now for fans tto vote for them.

The Poppy Awards used to be called the EWwys and are awards from the large American entertainment website for the dramas, actors and actresses which were not short-listed for an Emmy.